Sonja Gangl: believe it or not, this is not a photograph

During my second week in Vienna, I visited one of the biggest prides of the city: the Albertina Museum – mainly because my girlfriend and me had a couple of free tickets. We showed up in evening, maybe with high expectations about the Matisse and The Fauves exhibition. Unfortunately, with my deep lack of knowledge I couldn’t enjoy it that much and just the André Derain’s unique and colourful points of view of London were worth the walk. We were about to leave when we discovered Sonja Gangl’s first solo exhibition.


Sonja is a austrian artist with doubtless talent for drawing, specially when it comes to do it with a pencil. Dancing with the end is a large-format approach to the last frame of some of the most famous films in history using just paper and pencil. In “Captured in paper” Sonja shows human eyes working particularly hard on details. Viewers will need to move forward and backwards to zoom in and out to be sure is not a photograph.

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