MTB: I found adrenaline outside the box

Difficult, but not impossible. During the past few years I thought the only way I had to find my weekly dose of adrenaline was motorcycles… namely, sport bikes, speed, freedom, nature, lost roads, long trips… and unfortunately a mount of money that I can’t earn. Yet, I was here in Germany when I decided to spent a bit of my budget buying a beautiful mountainbike. I don’t remember such a good decision!

Since the day I rode it for the first time till now I have fallen in love with mountainbiking. I change my small MTB for a proper second hand one which, after a few modifications, is working good and transmits a good feedback: rigid and accurate chassis with an extremely good grip downhill wheels. I found a chilling and challenging sport with tonnes of adrenaline, speed and nature without the noise of a engine. I still need to fix some things, like the rear brake… but it seems like I will be able to enjoy the full of snow week that is coming…

And now, the point of this post. Getting some inspiration from Youtube videos I reached to this, so far, the best mtb video I have seen. Nothing left to say, enjoy!


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