Flat Track, no place for weak boys

Impressive, isn’t it? In a Flat or Dirt Track race riders reach the corner at more than 130mph. If you are sharp-eyed, you will find some particular characters in the bike above… not yet? Ok, check the handlebar. Genau! In a flat track bike you will never find any brake or something similar, the way they face the corner consists on drifting, something quite easy as the ground is dirt and mud. The point is not to crash, that’s not so easy.

The most popular bike there in the USA is the Hardley-Davidson XR, either 750cc or 1200cc, although there many other companies involved, like the Ducati 1200cc that is riding Nicky Hayden in the caption (2010, Indianapolis). Nicky, as many other world champions, began is career in the dirt track and reached the top of the racing, MotoGP.  Freddie Spencer, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey were also in the world championship after a successful season in the AMA Pro Flat Track (the american flat track championship).

Anyway, this and other topics can be found in the last article I wrote for L’Oreal at 1001experiencias.com . Like and share 🙂


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