MotoGP ChampionSHIT 2012, economic crisis ≠ moral crisis

During the last few years I have been watching how some guys have been destroying the sport I love: motorcycling. The turned a passion into a business. The time when I scheduled alarms to wake up in the middle of the night to watch the MotoGP races are now very far and I almost don’t remember the last time I felt Moto Grand Prix as the greatest motor racing event.

In the Misano GP I noticed a lack of humanity in the paddock. Everybody remembered how good Marco Simoncelli was, but at that time it was two years from Shoya Tomizawa’s death. He died there, in Misano. There wasn’t any special event for him. Teams, sponsors and specially the championSHIT are treating riders like tissues.

Yesterday, Claudi Corti, 10th in the Standing with a 2nd in Le Mans, noticed he is unemployed from now on. His Team didn’t even call him to talk about the situation. There was nothing to talk about, because Toni Elias came with a huge budget behind. Teams are tearing apart this sport, the stopped looking for sponsors and requesting his riders to bring the money with them…

…Anyway, this and other topics like the Effenbert Liberty Racing and the lack of salaries in the BSB or CEV are on my article at Motorpasión Moto, in Spanish, but hope you agree. And if not, let’s discuss about it.


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